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Pumpkin farming in June

Posted by Henry Fitzgerald :: Wednesday, June 3 :: 10:41am

Planting, planting, and more planting.   The corn is planted, the soybeans are planted, and the pumpkin seeds are going into the ground as this is being written.  It has been a little dry here until yesterday, and we are so thankful for this rain.  It is hard to believe...

Winter on the pumpkin farm: not always time to relax!

Posted by K Fitzgerald :: Tuesday, January 20 :: 11:34am

Chores include taking soil samples to decide how much fertilizer to apply to the fields, preventive maintenance on equipment, organizing, cleaning, ordering supplies and budgeting.  Whew!  Some of these chores are similar to other industries, and some are very different.  The colder d...

New information for pumpkin enthusiasts

Posted by K Fitzgerald :: Monday, November 17 :: 8:25am

Thanks to a reader, we have added our links to our Facebook page, pumpkin definition page (Wikipedia), trivia page (History) and the Virginia Pumpkin Growers' Association.  Please continue to let us know what you need.